Top prompts for choosing the best Bitcoin cash wallet

Bitcoin cash is currently hitting the top three of the most valuable and promising crypto money globally. It was created just a couple of years ago but gained amazing popularity among thousands of crypto experts. Since the digital currency is attracting more and more enthusiasts, many beginners are wondering about the real differences between a classical Bitcoin and BCH.


The most important thing you should know about Bitcoin cash is that it is one of the greatest alternatives to invest in the nearest future. The main distinction between Bitcoin and the BCH is that BCH has another blockchain’s block size. It also should be pointed out that it has a larger size of a block than the world-famous Bitcoin and makes it possible to perform a larger number of operations in a certain period of time. Moreover, the miners of BCH can generate bigger profits much faster than compared to Bitcoin.


Anyway, in case you would like to purchase BCH, you will surely need to store it in a highly protected and 100% secure place. You can easily choose either paper or online purse - both options are quite safe and reliable. The main idea of storing your crypto is using a wallet similar to your purse - you can easily place different types of digital shiners to your solution.


In this post, we’ll provide you with the most detailed data about choosing a top-notch and safe storage for BCH cash. Discover the most modern solution on the market of Bitcoin cash wallets and pick up the best selection for your capital.

Top features for wallets that support Bitcoin Cash

What is BCH wallet? It is a special place, where you will store your digital currency. It’s like a classical folder for your cash but for digital cash. However, when choosing the best storage, you should keep in mind plenty of factors and parameters:


Reputation. One of the most important features for Bitcoin cash wallet is the reputation of the provider. This means you will first need to check the reviews from real users about a certain software or hardware, as well as make sure the platform has been present on a crypto market for a long time.

Safety. The vital parameter for the successful storage is the safety of your BCH storage. What about the backup features? Does the service has a two-factor authentication? Does it apply the highest and the most innovative encryption methods?

Interface. In case you are new to the area of Bitcoin cash wallets, it is better to pick up the easiest and the most user-friendly solution. In case your storage has an excellent interface, you are not likely to make any mistakes while using it.

Compatibility. Remember that Bitcoin and BCH are totally different types of crypto capital. This means you should choose a container that supports BCH (some options that can store Bitcoins are not developed for storing your BCH!)

Private key management. With private keys, you can fully control all your digital cash. It is recommended to choose a container that doesn’t require using any third parties for managing your private keys.

Support. First, it is necessary to make sure your wallet is supported, upgraded and backed by the developers. Second, double-check whether your Bitcoin cash wallet has a fast-to-respond and accessible customer support.

How to get BCH for free?

We surely have great news for those crypto experts, who obtained Bitcoins before the fork. You can effortlessly receive the same number of tokens in BCH in case you’ve possessed any amount of BTC before the split of these two cryptocurrencies.


For the post-split period, Bitcoin owners required to use the same BTC private keys on a wallet that can deal with BCH.


Top 9 Bitcoin Cash wallets for both beginners and crypto experts

When it comes to searching for a modern and convenient BCH container, you will need to know that there are plenty of kinds of solutions for these purposes. The most popular choices are paper, hardware, and web moneybags. All of them have their unique features, as well as benefits offered to all the users. We’ve analyzed dozens of different alternatives and picked up the most fitting alternatives for newbies and experienced Bitcoiners.


CashAddress (Paper Wallet)

CashAddress is the only paper-based storage from our hot list of the safest crypto storages. In case you are feeling completely comfortable with paper and prefer classical ways to store the most important data, this option might become the best choice for your needs.


The most necessary thing when using paper folders is that you should always remember the place, where you store your keys. Otherwise, you will not be able to get access to the private keys. CashAddress is very easy to use and will surely meet the needs of crypto beginners - your storage will be created in a few clicks. After that, you can print this necessary information or store it in a digital form anywhere in a safe place.


Hardware wallets

Many experts believe that hardware storages are currently the best products to store your crypto. In case you would like to purchase the leading solutions on the market, it might be a good idea to choose from Trezor, KeepKey, and Ledger Nano S alternatives. All these Bitcoin cash hardware wallets are completely safe and very handy. Moreover, they are likely to meet all the needs of regular crypto users.



This hardware is developed for storing numerous types of crypto capital, including the most popular ones, like BCH, Ethereum, Dash, and others. This means you can easily store your favorite types of crypto cash in a single wallet. Moreover, you can not only store crypto in your wallet but also make transactions in a fast and reliable way.


Being a universal option is surely not the only benefit of KeepKey. The hardware has the highest malware and virus protection, so you can sleep well at night and don’t worry about hackers to steal your cash. The solution offers powerful physical and digital theft measures to store your money in the safest possible way.


Another advantage of KeepKey is its price. Being more affordable than its analogs, the hardware is gaining popularity among the users who want to save their capital. The hardware smoothly integrates with your computer and with private key generation, storage, and transactions. All these measures don’t leave the hackers a chance to steal your key.



Trezor is offline storage for your BCH that looks similar to the old-school USB device. Being a world-famous solution with years of excellent reputation, Trezor has the top protection of malware and viruses.


The wallet can store not only your BCH but also some other types of crypto cash, such as Litecoin, Bitcoin, and other famous cryptos. This makes the hardware a convenient way to keep all your digital currencies in a reliable place.


Similar to other hardware options, Trezor uses the USB port of your computer. To establish a successful connection, you will need to enter a unique PIN code. In case you enter the wrong PIN, you will need to wait to get the next attempt. In case you have some worries about losing your cryptos, you can create a recovery password to get access to your folder.


Furthermore, Trezor is unique hardware that perfectly suits Linux, Windows, Android and OS X operating systems that have a USB on the go feature. This a great platform for iOS and other operating systems that allows viewing the details of your transaction before confirmation. The only con of Trezor is its high price.


Ledger Nano S

This container is a hardware solution that supports the largest number of different crypto money. The security is the highest value of this exclusive product. It is a portable gadget that looks similar to a USB drive. Providing safe and reliable storage of your keys, the device is locked by a strong PIN code to provide you with the highest safety measures.


In case you are looking for an even higher level of protection, you will surely like two-factor authentication, offered by the solution.


What is also excellent about Ledger Nano S, is that it has a smart and convenient LED screen, where you can check the details of all your transactions with cryptocurrencies. The buttons on the device allow you to confirm the operations in a physical way.


Being one of the perfect wallets for BCH, the device is a little bit pricey. However, it is one of the best alternatives for storing your crypto in a 100% safe way.


Desktop and mobile Bitcoin cash wallets


Electron Cash

Electron Cash is an outstanding mob and desktop BCH service. The wallet is developed for storing Bitcoin Cash only and is an excellent solution for keeping your favorite cryptocurrency secure. It has a desktop version for PC and laptop owners, as well as a special version for users of mobile devices. Electron Cash is compatible with OS X, Linux, Windows, and Android systems. However, iOS users will need to search for another alternative since the service doesn’t support iOS devices.


Electron Cash has a large number of advanced features, including back up and multisig functionality for better security.


Being one of the best options for beginner crypto users, Jaxx offers a highly understandable and comfortable interface. Moreover, the service supports all the most prevalent OS, including Windows, Android, iOS, and Linux. Jaxx is universal software for storing your crypto in a reliable way.


It can help you to store not only BCH but other common types of crypto cash, too. You can add Etherium, Litecoin, Dash, and Bitcoin to your storage, too. Unlike most alternatives, the wallet doesn’t support two-factor authentication. Generally, Jaxx is a good solution for those, who store cryptocurrencies in low volumes or just want to try making transactions with crypto cash., also known as Blocktrail, is a modern crypto container with all the innovative features available. The service is designed solely for storing Bitcoins and BCH. This means you can keep only these two digital currencies in your BTC wallet.


What is great about this storage?

  • Available for all kinds of devices (both desktop and portable gadgets supported)
  • Top-notch two-factor check-in
  • Multi-signature operations
  • User-friendly design
  • Safe and reputable
  • Comfortable for beginners in the crypto world is a highly popular solution - its interface is available in 8 different languages. The service might be a perfect choice in case you are looking for a BCH wallet download for your mobile device.


BU Bitcoin Cash Client

BU Bitcoin Cash Client is another handy wallet for your favorite crypto. The platform offers all the modern security features that any up-to-date solution should have. Being one of the most popular solutions for beginners, the service also has plenty of advanced functions and options for experienced crypto enthusiasts. It fits perfectly Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems. This means using this BU is possible on your favorite laptop.


However, the client is available only for desktop users - in case you would like to use your mobile device for storing your BCH, it is better to search for another option.



Unlike BU Bitcoin Cash Client, Coinomi is a modern BCH digital purse with outstanding functionality for mobile gadgets only. The service doesn’t have a desktop version but still has plenty of excellent features available to all its users. According to users’ reviews, the wallet continues to hold the leading positions on the crypto market. Looking for a top digital products for keeping your crypto? Coinomi is here to assist.


The program attracts crowds of new users with its super fast and easy backup tools, as well as an up-to-date and smooth ShapeShift integration. Fast transactions and a pleasant interface are among the additional wallet’s advantages. However, it doesn’t support iOS devices. Coinomi can perform operations and store diverse types of crypto. There is no need to possess different containers for different currencies - Coinomi is a multi-functional solution.


My viewpoint on BCH

Generally, to store your crypto cash, you will need to choose a container that supports this type of cryptocurrency. It is also necessary to follow the instructions and guides for using your software to make the best of it. By the way, it is recommended to follow these rules of using the crypto wallets:

  • Use all the security features. In case your wallet offers advanced options to boost your safety, it is better to benefit from all of them. For example, in case your service has a two-factor authentication, it is surely a good idea to add both identity steps to your folder.

  • Backup. Most modern containers are safe and secure services. However, back up is always a great safety measure to protect your currencies.

  • Keep an eye on your antivirus protection. It is necessary to update your anti-malware software on a regular basis to ensure the highest possible protection of your data and wallets.

  • Avoid making too large transactions. Most containers are new solutions and might still contain some bugs. It is better to have a couple of middle-sized transactions than a single large one.

  • Invest in a reliable option. In case you are planning to store large amounts of coins, it is better to pick up a more expensive and reliable solution. Cheap options might often appear to below-quality.



How can I get a BCH digital storage with minimum effort?

That’s easy. Just choose one of the innovative and exclusive platforms, mentioned above. Go to the official website of the chosen option and follow the instructions, offered by the developer. Different wallets might require a different setup. Therefore, just follow the tips of the wizard on a chosen platform.


Where can I find the address of my crypto container?

The personal address of your container can be easily found once you logged in to your wallet. It is also called your receiving address. As a rule, it can be found in the personal settings menu. The information depends on the type of solution you choose.


What is the main distinction between Bitcoin and BCH?

The basic difference between these two is that BCH is known to be a fork from a world-famous bitcoin. It was developed with the help of the most up-to-date technologies and has a large number of benefits, including superfast transactions.


What is the best storage for my crypto?

Choosing the most fitting alternative should be based upon your personal needs and necessities. The truth is that various containers have a completely different design, features, usability, and prices. It is better to pick up the wallet according to your unique preferences.